Are You Thinking of Exploring Vaping?


Vaping has really become quite popular in recent years around the country. While electronic cigarettes have been around for some time, they are now available in more places than ever before and there are more people exploring the option. Indeed, many former smokers have ditched their traditional cigarettes altogether and are finding that vaping works well for them. Why is this the case and why is vaping of specific interest to people who smoke?

The Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking

People have known for many years now that conventional tobacco products are very dangerous in terms of health. They are associated either directly or indirectly with a wide range of health conditions including but not limited to various cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, and many more. Given this, electronic cigarettes offer an interesting alternative to smoking. So what are the benefits associated with them? Consider the following:

  • Safer Ingredients: Tobacco contains hundreds of carcinogenic products and chemicals that are dangerous for human and animal health. By contrast, the e-liquids that are vaporised in electronic cigarettes contains a distilled water base, flavouring, and propylene glycol. This is far safer for human health!
  • Cost-Effective: Companies such as offer incredible value on vaping accessories. The problem is that over the decades, successive governments have ramped up the prices of tobacco products to the point that a single packet of cigarettes is incredibly expensive. This is terrible for the bank account and can place entire families at risk of not being able to put food on the table. A vaping starter kit consists of a lithium battery, e-liquids, a battery charger, a tank, and an atomiser. A single investment that is often less than three figures will get you everything you need to start vaping.
  • A Replacement: The reason why many smokers take up vaping is because it is entirely possible to add an amount of nicotine to the liquid. This ensures that they can slowly wean themselves away from traditional tobacco products without the awful withdrawal symptoms that have long been a part of giving up smoking. From a smoker’s perspective, vaping represents one possible path to giving up the smokes for good and getting healthy.
  • Smell: Tobacco smoke tends to linger for a long time and can even get into clothing and furniture. This acrid smell can last for decades. This is not even to mention the second-hand smoke that wafts around in public and potentially affects non-smokers. The e-liquids that are vaporised in the electronic cigarette dissipate quickly in the air. They come in a wide range of flavours and will not stain, linger, or get into fabrics. In short, they are simply a lot more pleasant.

Vaping May Be the Way Forward

If you’re a smoker and have been for a long time, vaping may just represent the best and most effective way to give them up for good. A modest initial investment is all you need to start on the path to giving up the smokes and exploring a whole new world of great e-liquid flavours.