Tips on Care and Maintenance of Your Engagement Ring


Your engagement ring is certainly one of the most valuable possessions you will ever cherish. The amalgamation of sentimental value and the monetary value makes it truly valuable and personal and of course, definitely worth protecting. Looking after your engagement ring is important to maintain its beauty and durability. Proper maintenance helps in ensuring you that you won’t lose your diamond due to a weakened prong. Diamonds are the most durable materials ever, but they aren’t invincible. Here is a care and maintenance guide of your engagement ring.

  1. Have your ring professionally checked in every six months

Wearing a ring on everyday basis can cause your prongs to loosen or bend. Avoid any stones from falling out accidentally by making sure that the prongs are securely holding your diamond. Almost every jeweler does that for free, even if you didn’t purchase the ring from them.

  1. Clean your ring at least four times in a year

Oil, dust, and residue can easily be lodged itself into your diamond. If you are not cleaning your ring on a regular basis, it will end up looking dull rather than brilliant. Even the slightest of film can change how light reflects off of the diamond piece. To keep your ring and the stone shining brightly, you will want to clean your ring at least 4 times in a year.

  1. Give your metal setting a refresh every few years

Depending on the basis of the kind of precious metal of your ring, you will want to pay heed to the care instructions to make sure that it stays shiny and in the best shape. Over time, every kind of metal will tarnish because of oxygen and moisture coming into contact with your ring.

  1. Choose a ring with a warranty

Reputable diamond vendors like Diamond Brokers Queensland offer a warranty for their fancy coloured diamonds and the jewelry pieces. Many companies also offer repair and replacement for any kind of manufacturer’s defects for the life of the ring. Some companies offer lifetime warranty like free prong tightening, re-polishing, cleaning services and rhodium plating. By choosing a good vendor, you can have peace of mind knowing that your ring will be taken care of in the right hands.

  1. Prevent having your ring resized more than once

In between the different life stages such as pregnancy and postpartum, our hands tend to swell and alter the size. Instead of continually resizing your ring, store it away in a safe place until it fits again perfectly. While you can always resize a ring, just having it adjusted can render the metal more fragile and subjected to long term damage.